Welcome from the SSO President

With the increasing number of approvals of various immunotherapy drugs in cancer treatment and the encouraging results from ongoing clinical trials testing newer immunotherapy approaches, it is timely that we launch the Singapore Society of Oncology- Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium. This collaborative group hopes to bring together medical professionals, research scientists, industry and other interest groups involved in cancer immunotherapy to educate each other and the public, and to work together to further improve our understanding of cancer immunotherapy. The cancer immunotherapy wave is still in its infancy and has yet to peak, and we expect it to continue to change the outcomes of various cancers significantly. In light of this, there is a need to take advantage of the numerous clinical and research experts in the field of cancer immunotherapy in Singapore and encourage collaborations. 


SSO is happy to support the launch of CIC which will be chaired in the first 2-year term by Dr Toh Han Chong, an oncologist who is known for his expertise in cancer immunotherapy. Dr Toh has been working on cancer immunotherapy way before it was fashionable, when there were more naysayers than believers. We are confident that together with the SSO-CIC committee, he will bring new ideas on cancer immunotherapy both nationally and on the global stage.

Dr CHOO Su Pin


Singapore Society of Oncology


​Welcome from the SSO-CIC Chairman

Cancer immunotherapy has captured the imagination of doctors and scientists for over a hundred years. But it has only realised its larger clinical potential in the past nearly ten years. As immunotherapy forms a new pillar in the multidisciplinary holistic treatment of cancer, it is timely to create a platform and consortium to focus on this new therapeutic field. The SSO-CIC will open a new opportunity for experts to find each other, to interact and to build a stronger local immunotherapy ecosystem to finally improve the lives of cancer patients. This initiative by the SSO and its President, Dr Choo Su Pin, is to be commended. We look forward to an engaging, stimulating and fruitful journey ahead!

Dr TOH Han Chong




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