About SSO-CIC.

The era of cancer immunotherapy has led to paradigm shifts in the outcomes of various cancers.  SSO-CIC aims to help improve the understanding of cancer immunotherapy and the appropriate use of immunotherapy through educational activities and to work towards collaborative efforts in research where possible.


Mission Statement


  1. To promote the adoption of evidence based immunotherapy treatments

  2. To promote the recruitment of suitable patients onto immunotherapy trials

  3. To promote training and awareness on the management of immunotherapy toxicities, biomarkers and response assessment

  4. To establish database on immunotherapy including exceptional responses and outcomes in rare tumours

  5. To promote awareness amongst non-oncology specialists and the general public, on immunotherapy in cancer

  6. To promote collaborations and partnerships in immunotherapy across disciplines both in Singapore and internationally

SSO-CIC Organising Committee



Daniel Tan 



Melvin Chua

Choo Su Pin

Joycelyn Lee

Joline Lim

Joe Yeong

Raghav Sundar

Toh Han Chong

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